Norbert Buzás, Ph.D., MBA

head of research group

Norbert Buzás Ph.D., MBA is the head of the Department of Health Economics at the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Buzás started his career as research fellow working at the University of Szeged, Technical University of Vienna, VUB University of Brussels and the University of Palermo. He has served as intellectual property director of a biotech company for six years and director of professional operation at largest private Hungarian business acceleration company. Dr. Buzás has 60 publications including 20 books and book chapters.

laszlo_z_karvalics2László Z. Karvalics, Ph.D.

associate professor

László Z. Karvalics has more than 20 years academic and field experience with extended publication record in innovative KM research and development (Corporate Mind model, TSI-ES strategic planning method, conference knowledge transfer platforms), consultancy (KM audit) and university education practice (Budapest University of Technology and Economics (1991-2006): Chair, Dept. of Information and Knowledge Management, University of Szeged (2007- ), associate professor, Dept. of Library and Human Information Science).


Szabolcs Prónay, Ph.D.

assistant professor

Szabolcs Prónay Ph.D., is an assistant professor at the Institute of Business Studies of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at University of Szeged. Dr. Prónay also holds the position of marketing manager at the Directorate for Research Administration and Technology Transfer. He works as a marketing consultant for several business and management consulting firms. He is a founding member of Innovation Club at the University. His research interests includes consumer behaviour, knowledge management and Science to Business (S2B) marketing.


Sándor Sándor

research fellow

Sándro Huszár is a marketing manager at the Directorate for Research, Development and Innovation. He studies as a PhD student at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Szeged. He has an MA degree in International Business and Economics, and he also studied Project Management for one year in Dortmund. His research interests are: 1) Possible busines utilization of R&D activities; 2) The researchers’ motivation and expectations in connection with the technology transfer process.


Norbert Buzás, PhD, MBA
head of research group

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